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If you are looking for affordable and reliable piano moving services in London, Plaza Removals is there to assist you in the best possible way. We are trusted by our clients and customers as the best movers for pianos in London, UK. Our expertise and high-end equipment allow us to move your grand piano to your new home without damage.

Not only for a grand piano, but you can also rely on our piano moving services for all sizes and types of pianos efficiently. We are second to none regarding “piano movers near me”. For 3+ years of moving experience, we have provided our customers with satisfactory delivery and removal of pianos with great care and attention to detail.
Piano Moving Services

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We currently provide piano moving services for all our valuable clients in Lond and other UK areas. So, why not book your following piano removal with Plaza Removals? We are happy to provide removal and moving services by keeping all moving, piano installation and packing needs in mind. At Plaza Removals, we have high-quality and high-end packing material to cover and transport your piano to a new location without any minor damage to piano keys.

Piano Removal & Restoring Services

Moving a piano isn’t an easy task because of the size and weight of this instrument. However, Plaza Removals is happy to offer prompt piano removal services for all London, Heathrow, Guildford, Aylesbury, Reading, Watford, Crawley, Redhill and Reading, UK customers.

We have large ramps, trolleys and high-end equipment to pack, load and move your piano without any risk of damage. Protect your piece of art and heritage by contacting Plaza Removals for their efficient moving and packing services in London. Here are a few reasons for considering this well-reputed piano moving company:
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No, we do not have any restrictions for moving pianos. No matter if you have an upright piano, grand piano, or concert piano, we can load and shift it anywhere from anywhere. If you have a piano of 1000 pounds or over, we pack and relocate it.
If your piano needs disassembling while moving down to stairs or you have narrow doorsteps, but your piano is hefty and big. It cannot cross your doors and stairs; then we will disassemble it, load it on trolly and dollies and then load it. After relocation, we will also assemble it as it is.
Yes, we do offer storage services for the pianos. If you have a plan for shifting after a particular time or you are waiting for the completion of your piano room, then we can store your piano away from humidity, air and dust, and rain in 24-hour surveillance so it will be protected from damage and harm.
The average cost to move a piano in London is around £50 – £700. Moving an upright piano may cost around £150 – £300. On the other hand, the cost to move a grand piano is £300-£60.
Moving a piano without professional movers & packers is possible but requires much attention and effort. That’s why we don’t recommend moving a piano yourself without professional guidance because of its size and heavy weight.
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