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Moving Day With Man And Van Hire To Make Your Move Stress-free

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Moving isn’t an easy task until the man and van hire arrive! Relocation is a daunting process as it involves the moving and packing of all belongings and other stuff. However, house removalists have made this task more accessible for all. Even if you are moving with the help of a removal company, you can still make this process less challenging and simplified by exploring the guidelines we’ll discuss in this detailed post.

Ensure that you do proper research before considering any removal company near you. If you really want to move your belongings without any damage or hassle, this article is entirely for you! So, continue reading to make your next moving experience more thrilling and exciting.

Critical Considerations for Man and Van Hire Quotes

Do you know how to get removal company quotes? If yes, it is a good thing. But remember a few things before agreeing on a quote or selecting a moving company. The first and foremost thing before a man and van hire is collecting their basic information. Don’t rely only on the information mentioned on a removal company’s website. Apart from researching house removalists, you also need to take into account a few following things:
You cannot experience a hassle-free home relocation if you haven’t calculated the precise measurements of your home. Measurements are crucial for efficiently removing items, especially furniture, from each room accordingly. If you don’t know how to measure your home before considering removal company quotes, you can also request them to visit and measure. So, you can get a rough estimation of relocation costs.

Tips to Simplify Man and Van Hire Process

Do you want to save money while moving to your next home? If yes, you can do it even after considering man and van hire by following a few DIY practices. Here is a list of a few guidelines and tips that you can follow at the time of moving and packing:
Even if you have a house moving contact in your hand, you still need to book them in advance. This way, you can save yourself from stress on a moving day as they will be informed to move your stuff at a specific time and day. Moreover, you can also get affordable quotes and moving packages if you book in advance. Once ready to move to your new home, go for man and van hire in London.
Moving is all about packing your belongings, such as furniture, appliances, etc. You must wait to pack your items on the moving day! Most people start packing their belongings even two months before moving. If you have a busy schedule, you can start packing your stuff yourself or with the help of professional packers at least a week before moving.
No matter the relocation size, you must plan your entire moving journey before the day has arrived. An early plan will also help you set a budget for moving and hiring a man with a van.
A smooth and stress-free moving day is possible only if you have followed the above points. It would be best not to leave anything to do on the day of moving. So, you can simply see your stuff while loading in the truck and reaching your new destination. Additionally, don’t rely on any man and van hire services to save a few pennies, as it will lead to further or significant damage in future.
Some people need to pay more attention to this point and prefer to get the keys to their new property once they arrive. However, it is a wrong practice. What will you do if the dealer isn’t there when moving?

So, having the keys to the new home at least a few days before moving is better. Besides this, you can also visit your new location before moving there with your complete family and belongings.

What are the Pros of Mand and Van Hire Near Me?

If you want to make your moving experience much better than others, hiring house or furniture removalists would be a great option. Hiring a man with van service comes with the following benefits;

What is the Average Cost of Man and Van Hire Services?

The cost of man and van hire services depends on different facts and perspectives. For instance, the service charges for a location near your home will be less than a distant location. So, distance is the primary consideration when estimating the cost of house removalist services.

On average, a man with a van service in London costs around £50-£100 per hour based on the size of the relocation and the number of belongings you want to move.

Why Shouldn’t I Hire a Van Without a Man?

If you think you can complete your entire relocation task yourself, you are wrong! Moving a house involves a lot of challenges, especially while packing and loading the stuff. So, it wouldn’t be easier to complete this task individually. If you hire a van without a man, there will be pressure on you to give back the van to the company at the agreed time. On the other hand, you may need to load all the stuff yourself in the truck.

While hiring only a van from a moving company, you may need to complete some time-consuming and unnecessary paperwork as they will not simply hand over their vehicle to you. You must return the rented van to the company in the exact condition. The company will charge you if there is even a minor scratch on the truck, but not in the case of man and van hire. So, the decision is still yours! Hire a van without a man or go for one with a man, which suits you better.


Moving to a new home is more than a relocation! Hiring a man with a van in London is a complete journey that can be made more exciting by following the above tips and guidelines. Apart from this, you can also get an early estimation or quotes from your house removalists if you know how to relocate in the best possible way.
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