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Besides providing home & office removal services, Plaza Removals offers 100% secured, well-managed and transparent solutions. Our storage warehouses are fully secured if you want safe storage for your household items or office inventory. So, you can keep your items stored for a short or long time without risk of damages and theft. We also offer efficient loading and offloading services to safely move your items to our storage units.

So, all you need to do is sit back and relax when Plaza Removals is here to take care of the rest! Whether you are moving locally or long distance, we won’t charge more than your budget for storage space. You don’t need to do anything from collecting and packing all items in your home to moving to the storage unit. We’ll do it all for you with complete professionalism and dedication. Here at Plaza Removals, we offer the following storage options for commercial & residential moves:

Storage Solutions

Large Unit Storage

If your move is long-distance and you require storage space for your office inventory or household items, our long-term storage units are there for you! No matter the condition and type of your belongings, we’ll keep your items 100% secured in our storage units even for an extended period.

Small Unit Storage

Short-term storage units are for those who are moving locally. Even if you require storage space for a day, you can still avail it just by calling us. The cost for short-term storage solutions will be according to the number of items and their type.

Enjoy Safe Storage Facilities in London with High Standards!

Plaza Removals is a swift and prompt storage solutions provider in London, UK. Make your next relocation stress-free by letting us take care of your belongings. So, you can move to your new house with complete peace of mind. With Plaza Removals, you don’t need to worry about the protection and security of your belongings.

We have an all-in-one storage solution whether you are looking for short-term or long-term rental storage facilities.
Here at Plaza Removals, we offer the following storage facilities:

Access Your Stored Inventory Whenever You Want!

Plaza Removals offers the best rental storage units for commercial purposes, not only for residential purposes. Whether you are set to move your business to a new city or looking for a storage facility while renovating your office, consider our storage services to enjoy the best experience with great peace of mind.

If you are unsure how much space you need to store your items, don’t worry; our professionals will pack and sort your items and store them accordingly without any space issues. You will need a more intelligent storage solution if budget is your primary concern, especially for commercial storage. In the case of moving and storing with Plaza Removals, you don’t need to do anything yourself as our team will be there to pack all your stuff, load it in the truck, and store it in a storage unit.

Storage Solution

Why Choose Plaza Removals for Storage Needs?

Are you searching for “removal and storage near me”? Nothing would be better than relying on our short-term or long-term rental storage units. Here are the reasons you may need to depend on our reliable and easy storage units:

We are Responsible for Your Inventory’s Safety!

Have a Safe Storage Space for Your Belongings!

Plaza Removals is a trustworthy and premier storage services provider, especially in London, UK because of the following reasons:

Have A Plan To Move?

Plaza Removals has your back! Whether it’s your home or office, our expert team ensures a seamless transition to your new space. Get in touch today for a customized moving plan tailored to your needs.

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Not sure if a residential moves is for you? Plaza Removals can help!


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On average, the cost charged by different storage units in London, UK, is £64 – £196. However, this cost may vary based on the number of items and the security level needed for your valuables.
On average, renting a storage space in London, UK, is around £70 – £180. The cost may increase to £300 for a larger batch of valuables.
Yes! Contact Plaza Removals if you need packing and moving services to take your valuables to the storage units. However, carrying and packing charges will also be included.
Of course, yes! Storage units are always worth your money in providing complete security and protection to your valuables. However, short-term storage plans are more beneficial than long-term storage, especially if you consider it at the time of relocation.
You can contact us for assistance if you are still determining the storage unit size you need for your valuables. We’ll provide you with the details starting from sorting, organizing, packing, loading and storing your items in the units.
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