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How To Plan Your Office Relocation In London

office relocation in London

Office relocation in London comes with a lot of challenges and stress. Do you also need help moving your office to a new location? If yes, you are at the right place! Explore detailed guidelines and tips to make your office relocation hassle-free.

Even if you find office relocation frustrating, you can make it trouble-free by following a unique set of considerations we will discuss in this post. So, start reading out our planning strategy to make your office move successfully:

Why Is Office Relocation a Tough Decision?

No doubt, moving your office to a new location is a time-consuming and daunting task. So, you shouldn’t take it lightly as office relocation in London is expensive. Office relocation is also associated with other factors, such as hiring a new team, buying office inventory, completing legal formalities, and paying rent.

On the other hand, moving an office may also disturb your business for a short period as you won’t be able to proceed with your workforce tasks individually. That’s why it is essential to plan everything before considering office relocation. However, hiring a professional office removalist can reduce your office relocation stress.

Tips to Plan a Prompt Office Relocation in London

Are you relocating your business to a new location? If yes, make it accessible to challenges and risks by considering the following tips:

Establish a Dedicated Team for Planning

Make a team of strategists from your office to take over official matters and communicate between the departments during relocation. This team will also communicate with the stakeholders and other business partners.

Set a Timeline

Set a timeline to relocate your office. So you can move everything accordingly or step-by-step. While setting the timeline, you must also keep other things in mind, such as the relocation date, location of your new office and other leasing agreements to streamline the process.

Set An Office Relocation Budget

It’s always exciting to move your office to a new location. But office relocation isn’t all about thrill and excitement, as it also involves the budget factor. However, the relocation budget will differ based on your firm’s size and other factors.

However, setting a defined budget may help you to estimate all relocation expenses earlier. You must include any costs in the office relocation budget, such as removal expenses, storage fees, and packing expenses.

Work on Legal Implications

No matter the type and size of your firm, office relocation always comes with a lot of paperwork and legal complications. It would be best to involve a solicitor or legal person while moving your office to a new location to fulfil all legal implications. Ensure you add the additional cost to pay your solicitor or legal advisor when moving your office to London.

Prepare an Office Inventory List

Once you decide where to move your office in London, the next step is preparing the inventory list. You can also create a checklist to record everything before moving to your new office. No matter what type or size of inventory you relocate, you must note everything in your inventory list.

If you don’t want to move a few items, try to dispose of those items rather than leaving trash behind. By marking your inventory in a list, you can decide whether to update your office equipment or go with the older one.

Hire a Well-Reputed Office Relocation Company

Office relocation isn’t an easy task. So, you cannot rely on any company with your office equipment, inventory and official belongings. If you want to relocate a big-scale office, hire commercial movers to provide comprehensive relocation services. Before choosing a company, we suggest you get quotes from different companies. So you can select the best one according to your budget and moving needs.

Pack and Label Carefully

Like home relocation, try to pack your office inventory a few days or weeks before relocation. This way, you can pack each item carefully. If you don’t have enough time and experience to pack office inventory for IT relocation, you can hire professional packers to do this job.

Once you have done with packing, label each box separately. So you can unload or unpack the items accordingly. Don’t pack fragile items with others. Ensure that essential or delicate items are labelled with a “FRAGILE” mark.

Arrange Your New Space

Once you have moved to your new office, it’s time to set up your space as you want. Arrange the furniture in such a way that you can get the maximum use of your space. Do you want to add a new look to your new office? If yes, adding some new equipment or accessories would be great.

Add New Office Adress in Record

After setting up your new space entirely, it’s time to update your business address, name and location in your records. So your employees, stakeholders and business partners can reach you without issues. Not only in the manual record but also ensure this information is updated on your websites and other online web pages.

Let Plaza Removals Be Your Partner for Office Relocation in London!

Are you planning for your upcoming office move to London? What better option than contacting Plaza Removals to be your high-end relocation partner? Plaza Removals is helping its clients with commercial, residential, and house relocation with dedication in London.

No matter your removal needs, we are always there to assist you and relocate to your new destination without breaking your bank accounts. So, contact us today for a quote or know about our office relocation services.
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